The Pearl of Lao Tzu (also referred to as Pearl of Lao Tze and previously as Pearl of Allah) is the largest known pearl in the world. The pearl was found in the ...

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The Pearl of Allah The giant clam yielded its 14-pound pearl only after slaying a native diver trapped when its great jaws snapped shut.

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World Net Daily news article about the Pearl of Allah, the world's largest pearl on record at 9.4 inches long and weighing 14 pounds.

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Shrouded in legend and entangled in a lawsuit, the 14-pound gem known as the Pearl of Allah moved a step closer to an eventual sale this week after a key court ruling.

Largest pearl ever in the world. Pearl of Allah Pearl of Lao-Tzu.


Pearl of Allah Pearl of Lao-Tzu. What is the largest pearl ever in the world?

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The Pearl Millions of dollars, arranged murder, historical fabrications, journeys across vast oceans and battles in court … all are attached to what some people ...

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The Pearl of Allah, the largest pearl on record, was recovered from a giant clam on May 7, 1934, off the coast of Palawan Island, Philippines.

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The pearl of Allah aka the pearl of Lao Tzu was discovered off the coast of palawan in Philippines in 1934 and was gifted to Wilburn Cobb in 1939 by the Chief of the ...

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See an amazing comparison of two extremely large blister pearls including the Pearl of Allah and the Pearl of Elias with lots of photos to view and enjoy.

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DENVER (AP) — A 14-pound pearl, believed to be the world's largest, is locked in a Colorado Springs bank vault until a legal battle in Denver resolves ...